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Migrate to Cloud

* Select and evaluate applications and workloads for migration.
* Sound strategy is must for success in cloud.
* Helps you choosing which cloud technologies are best fit for your needs and in bare minimum cost.

Manage and Scale Your Cloud Efficiently

* Complete management including configuration, patching, up-gradation.
* Auto scaling and self healing automation helps you in better customer experience.


* We help enterprises and startups align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market.
* Our DevOps team helps you automating end-to-end delivery pipeline by facilitate continuous development, integration and deployment across leading cloud platforms.

We Manage Your Entire Environment

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Infrastructure Insights

Complete transparency to resources usage in real time.
Real time user monitoring.
Log analytics
Network Monitoring

AI Powered Analytics

Collect and consolidated data through one report.
Analyze report for clarity and optimize with confidence.
Evaluate to identify business growth.

Fully Automated

Streamline the way you work with your cloud.
We support Continuous Testing, Integration and Deployment.
Help in boosting profitability.


20% saving on cloud cost.
35% faster lab environment setup
100% AWS Certified Engineers
200+ Migrations across 12 Countries



Trusted Partnership

Pay as you go and no long term CAPEX planning.
Workforce collaboration for improved customer satisfaction and we provide best service for our customers.
Working together to agree on design and working on feedback.

24/7 Proper Customers Support

Dedicated technical account manager.
Support round the clock,rapid problem resolution
Problems prevented before users hit by taking actions at right time.

Experienced Technical Team

Accelerate your time to market for deployment.
Proactively provides guidance for best practices and new features.
Helps you bring in agility and innovation into cloud operations and boost performance.

Our Partners

Thousands of companies have trusted TechFresh to help them track, manage, and optimize their cloud costs.


At TechFresh, we know DevOps is need of hour and every enterprise will require this culture shift towards DevOps in coming decade. We started TechFresh as we know all about cloud and DevOps and will be your trusted advisor on your journey to this cultural shift. We are determined to build a great company and committed to innovate ways for making our customers success in their space.

Our mission is to provide the best cloud solution available anywhere at any scale.

  1. TechFresh is a complete ecosystem with tools and techniques to serve customer efficiently.
  2. Highly experienced team that allowed us to continually provide innovative and secure solutions.
  3. We are committed to help you to reach your goals by adopting a progressive approach.

From strategy to operations, TechFresh accelerates end-to-end cloud adoption with the best services. Our team help you achieve business results faster, no matter where you are in your cloud transformation.


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